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wow...that’s all I, I get it...
— Nelly G. Physician Assistant, Wellness Expert and Founder of Live Vibrant
Chris is absolutely amazing, She has an awesome Personality. I love the energy she has and whenever I’m around her I feel empowered. She’s a Natural healer and has a unique Aura about her. Once you meet her it’s as if you’ve known her before in a different life. She has this welcoming Energy that just draws you to her like a magnet. You just want to sit and talk to her forever...”
— Jessie D. Registered Nurse and Intensive Care Unit Trauma Expert

Image of Angel W. Founder of Speak Up Sis

Image of Angel W. Founder of Speak Up Sis

It was a pleasure to interview with Christine about fasting. It was more like a conversation with a good friend...
— Angel W. Founder of Speak Up Sis

You always keep me on my business sis. Love you!...You give a lot of clarity, I hope you charge more..
— Kissy D. Celebrity Blogger, Influencer and millionaire strategist
...She sees a lot of energies that others doesn t see...Beside of her holistic knowledge...
— Jer Jessie Founder of Coach The World

I really appreciate you...
— J. Watson, US Veteran
Talking to Christine was so helpful. She was able to give me clarity and practical advice that I could use right away. I would love to work with her again.
— Tiffany RG Co-Owner at Planted in Play (Children Playground and Museum)