A Glamping Retreats catered to healthcare providers and their loved ones. Find peace for 2 nights in an area full of fairy lights, trees, singing bowl, yogis, fire dancers, singers and comedians. This is a dream come true event. We are bringing you the circus with the healing and the concert while you are peacefully spending time under the stars with an intimate group of healers in the backyard of a tender soul healthcare providers whisperer.

If you have been camping before, well think of this one as a wedding in the forest under the stars. This is a lifetime experience. You get to experience peace, luxury, laughter and fun in 2 nights under the stars. You are bound to renew your love for life, your career, your partner, your family and yourself.

Do whatever you can to come join us. You wanna be there. I know I wanna be there. Have you ever thought fairytale can be possible. Come be a kid again!


Clearwater, Fl


Glamping Retreat
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