Life Journal Entry 2

Oh my GOD, I have to go to work tomorrow??? 
Are u doing this now?

On Sundays, I used to have so much anxiety thinking about going back to work. What hell will break loose now. Working as a ICU nurse drained everything out of me. I was on the verge of losing my mind. Oh fuck that! who am I lying to? I lost my mind. Then I went into Pharm Rep, yea right? The pressure and the culture was even more toxic for my little happy go lucky fairy heart. Oh my gawd.

Tonight, is Sunday night. You know what happened? 
We went for a long walk on by the lake, held hands, made a video, kissed and laughed all afternoon.

Today, we work because we love what we do. We do it with ease knowing all our bills are paid; all our clients love and value us, all our team love and respect us. We do it because we love business owners. We do it because it’s fun and engaging. We do it because I love to be around people and talking and he loves to be on the computer and crushing numbers. 
I get the clients, he gets the work done. I set the price, he does the bookkeeping. I keep everyone happy, he tells me when someone is an ass. I’m in bliss because my life is what I dreamt it could be 5-10 years ago. I was following the crowd of what normal is supposed to be.

My life is possible because I was brave enough to leave: 
-A very comfortable and high paying job,
-A loving, out of this world intelligent but way too busy for me handsome surgeon with his 4 kids dream (gtfo 🥴4 kids? When u can carry 2 of them) 
-My family

What did I do:
-Move to a city where I know absolutely no one 
-Invest in things I had little to no knowledge about 
-Take a leap of faith
-Fell in love with someone way younger than I and absolutely unconventional.

Because I’m the fucking boss of my life. I’m writing this script.

You see a beautiful life is meant for those willing to say FUCK THAT SHIT IM DOING IT MY WAY.

Today, he sat down and reviewed our bookkeeping and I almost cried in tears of joy (oh yea. I know). 
The mind will trick u into false thinking, but when that happens redirect it.

We always have way more than we need or want. Always..

To all my beautiful ladies out there; if you are smart marry a genius who thinks you are smarter than him 🤪😜

Idk how HE got this lucky 😜, but I’m really the lucky one.

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