Fulfillment means to be accepting!


Fulfillment means accepting, loving, and sharing all aspects of yourself. 
integrate all aspects of you as wholesome. 
Your foundation includes your sexuality. If you are uncomfortable with your sexual energy/sexuality there are blockages in your life.

Most likely, you grew up around people who shame others about having sex at an early age, not being married and being sexual, or someone shamed you about exploring your body as a kid (all kids play with their body parts around 3-6 yo) or church told you sex was sin. Your family talks about other people’s children or compare you to them.

Are you one?

Now, you probably have fibroids, endometriosis, miscarriages, don’t enjoy sex, addicted to sex or having recurring nightmares about having sex with family members or close friends, you are overweight, compulsive eating, rapes or fear of rapes, abortion, shame from abortion, hate abortion, having sexually transmitting infection or fear of STI, lack of creativity, shame of your own body or other people’s body, criticizing other women or men sexuality, minding people who show off their body, can’t wear sexy clothes, can’t be comfortable in swim suit or embarrass of own body, sex in the dark, not exploring different position in bed, get angry when partner want sex, too concerned with other people sexual preferences and trying to shame others who are sexually free, uncomfortable with sexy people and sexual conversation

Big clue;
-Accuse partner of cheating 
-Shame men or women who love sexy people 
-Call people sinners using your own beliefs as Gods’ truth 
-You are so quick to label people; gay, lesbian, slut, lose, easy, etc 
-Your family was very concerned with virginity (my church people and my island people know what I’m talking about. What a fucking shame). 
-You make excuses about your sexual past behavior (I was drunk, possessed, raped, needed money for my children, on drugs, manic etc. yes those can be occurrence as well, but not the whole picture). My point is you fucked the whole town then so what? Deal with it. Anyone who has a problem with it, tell them to send u a bill. Fuuuuck

Major clues; 
-You can’t be friends with people who don’t give a fuck 
-Obsession with body image (over exercise or over eat or eating disorders). I’ve been there, no shame y’all. 
-You hide your shame behind religious beliefs saying that’s what God wants, yet you are criticizing/judging people. FF