Being Spiritual is Being Grateful

There is no faster way to connect with the "all knowing" than by being grateful. For many, Thanksgiving was a painful reminder. For some, Black Friday is a waste of time. After all is said and done, the way we view our lives is completely up to us.

Did you appreciate your talkative aunt who drove over 10 hours to spend Thanksgiving with her favorite nieces and nephews? or did you dread her presence? perhaps, it was a little bit of both feelings. Don't feel bad. I have landed on both categories myself. We all have those moments.

When we spend our time in looking for the things in our life that we are grateful for, more great things seem to find their way into our lives. Gratitude is like sending an invitation card to abundance to join our fabulous life party.

The more you send out that invitation card, the more you will get to dance with abundance. Never see a lost as defeat.  When things escape you, say thank you to abundance because the universe has no lack. Anything you lose, you can replace over and over again. God, higher knowing or however you decide to call this energy will keep sending the same opportunities to you until you realize it is yours to keep. Even if you feel bitter or jealous today, no worries. You will get your turn.

When you are having a bad day, remember to write down the things you love and the things that make you happy. The holiday is about giving; give to yourself as well. Everyday, do something that makes you happy and see how happy others are around you.

Be well!