Who Can Afford You?


Is this a joke or what

Nobody can pay you your worth, but they can try. Hug your clients and thank them sincerely for working with you. After you help someone change their life 180 degree, they usually like whatever you charge them is so little compare to what you give them.

Clients will try to bend over backwards to thank you for how you change their lives. It is your duty, your job to let them know it was equally an honor. People will never feel like they can pay you enough and that's ok, just thank them for their time. Business is energy sharing. The work you do with your heart is never equivalent to $...

Money is an illusion, you don't even need it. People will try to give you whatever they think is valuable (cars, lands, animals, bitcoins, stocks). Guys be smart and accept gifts from the universe. Ask your client how you can help them, not how they can pay you. People will give you way more than you could imagine. It;s ok to have a price tag, but what you are receiving is priceless. Hug your clients and thank them for the honor you had exchanging energy with them.

Every time you work with someone they leave you with something amazing. Always remember that. You might look like the coach, the healer, the giver, indeed you are getting trained by light being. Everyone holds a genetic code inside of them to give you that's why they are your tribe. Even those others call "haters". They are here to teach you. "Hating" takes up energy, that shit ain't easy, have you tried it? anyone who invest that kind of energy in you is your greatest blessing. If you have "haters" that's what you need in the moment. Nothing reminds your consciousness of kindness and love more than hate...

Remember you are ALWAYS receiving....Give out love so only love can circle back to you. Circle of life, give love to keep the universe in flow.

Christine DorcelusComment