Love Everyone How They Are. First, Love Yourself!

💢✨✨✨If I seat in front of you with a blank face when you are saying something unflattering about someone, I'm not mad at you. I just can't relate.

I was such a righteous individual, I didn't realize it was coming from my ego. I was such a punishing individual, I didn't see how often I was actually punishing myself.

I thought it is right or it is wrong that's that

I held everyone to such a high standard. Not a forgiving standard, just black and white. Oh God, my world was so black and white. Can we agree that black and white is booooooring and ungodly.

Yea, ungodly. I don't know how the notion of a punishing God got around ya'll. When I met God, she/he/it was cool asf.