Heal The Feminine First

Everyone has a feminine side. This beautiful side is often depicted as weak, submissive, docile, indecisive or too emotional.

What you need to understand is that this beautiful side of you is not weak, it is patient; not submissive, it compromises; not indecisive, it is open minded; not too emotional, it is real. The more you suppress it, the least you can connect with others. Feminine energy is about love, compassion and forgiveness.

The fastest way to heal the beautiful mother side in all of us is by giving it time to dance, write, create, bond and self-appreciate.

When was the last time you dive into your creative space? when was the last time you hug someone? when was the last time you took a real break, went on a retreat, let someone else pamper you or just sleep in?

This is about you helping someone else take care of you. You need this. We all need rest and peace. Shut this world out and go inside of your soul to find real peace.

“Once we heal our women, society will be back to normal. All women need healing. We need to love our body, skin, hair, style, talents and each other.” Christine D.